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Climate Earth 3D is ...

... a brand new HD visualization of global weather conditions with forecasts generated by supercomputers and data updated every three hours, presented in a way never seen before!

Climate Earth 3D is not just a weather forecast App, also it is able to visualize the local and global climate conditions worldwide by animating the data it downloads, giving you the chance to understand the climate on a large scale.

Thereby it does not just download an animation loop that it will show over and over again!
Instead it will present the current, past or future wind or ocean streams in a way you have never seen it before as it generates the animation out of the data in realtime without the need to loop it. This generates a revolutionary user experience on that kind of App!

Check Live Demo

Climate Earth 3D is able to:

- visualize the global wind streams in a way never seen before

- work with data generated by supercomputers, updated every three hours

- show ocean stream data

- display color overlays for wind speed at specified height, temperature at specified height, mean sea level pressure, total precipitable water and total cloud water

- show wind and overlay data on 7 different altitude levels from surface to stratosphere

- show local conditions by using GPS

- share what you see as video or picture

- present all of that in an intuitive user interface, specially designed for iOS 7

Climate Earth 3D uses data from:

Global Forecast System | NCEP / National Weather Service / NOAA

OSCAR | Earth & Space Research

Special thanks to...

Cameron Beccario, on who's work Climate Earth 3D heavily relies!

Watch the Video

The raw material of the video was created with Climate Earth 3D. The cutting and overlay text was created with external software.

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