Tab Browser - Always have an eye on your favorite Web page

Tab Browser is

... the quick and easy way to always have an eye on the website that matters to you the most.
Sitting in your Mac's menu bar, your favorite website is never more than one click away!

And best of all: Tab Browser is fully customizable!

Tab Browser's features are:

- Either select one of the 30 preconfigured webpages to be your one click favorite

- Or enter the custom URL of the Website you like as your favorite

- Saves Money because you don't have to buy single "Tab Apps" that only support one website

- Window Size is customizable

- HTTP User Agent is customizable

- Option to reload the page every time you bring it to the front

- Option to launch Tab Browser at Login

- Printing support

- Maximize Window

- File Upload and Download

- Full Surf History

The preconfigured Pages are:

... and many more + add your own favorite page!

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  • Places your favorite Website into the Menu Bar ...

  • Supports space saving compact views ...

  • Many preconfigured web pages ...

  • Fully customazable ...

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