The assistent for grading your exams.

iGrade is the intuitive and powerful solution for correcting and grading your exams. It was developed in cooperation with teachers especially for teachers.

- Just type in the maximum number of points, the number of points that should result in the best grade and the number of points to get the worst grade and iGrade will calculate a scale for you.

- The scale can be edited and viewed in a graphic plot by a simple mouse click.

- Add unlimited number of rules (points -> mark). That means you are not limited to linear grade-scales.

- By telling iGrade how many students have achieved how many points it can calculate the overall average grade.

- You can then change the scale to get the average grade you want.

- Additionally there is a histogram view that visualizes how many students achieved which grade.

- All graphs and infos are calculated in realtime while you tweak your settings.

- All graphs and tables can be printed.

- The graph and the histogram can be exported as PNG.

- iGrade is also available for the iPad. Link

The current version of iGrade supports the following grade systems:

Further grade systems will be added by request.

For direct feedback or feature requests I'm always available by eMail.